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Total ice capacity 4 kg, Ice condenser temperature –90°C.
Universal laboratory freeze dryer for routine applications. Low condenser temperature allows drying of samples containing organic solvents (e.g. alcohols);  with new user friendly unit control "LYO Display LD":
  • LCD displays process parameters: condenser temperature, vacuum
  • Indirect product temperature measurement using vapor pressure
  • RS 232 interface (option)
Suitable for drying 12 or 24 round bottom flasks, wide neck filter bottles, ampoules and on 3 or 5 unheated shelves Ø 265 mm or 5 unheated shelves Ø 360 mm, or sealing device with 2 or 4 unheated shelves Ø 250 mm). 
Figure: ALPHA 2-4 LD, process B, with 5 unheated shelves Ø 360 mm   
Perfect for CHO cells! Call or email to let us know how we can help you with your project.
Telephone: 800-827-5931 | Outside the US please call 301-470-1267 or 410-792-0769 | Fax: 410-792-2837 | Postal Address: PO Box 460 Laurel, MD 20725